GERD Home Remedies

download (75)GERD stands for gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Complicated name, you must be horrified after reading the name as it sounds a bit dangerous, isn’t it? To simplify it we also call the condition by the name acid reflux or heartburn. Yes, this is what GERD is, a burning sensation due to digestive problems and acidity. But the acid reflux turns into something serious- GERD when you suffer from this problem more frequently. Suppose you have the problem of severe acidity, and no matter what you eat you have these episodes at least twice a week. This condition is gastro- esophageal reflux. The common symptoms of this disease are heartburn, chest pain, acute cough, and sometimes pain in the abdomen. It can be treated with the help of over the counter drugs, but they do not address the root cause. If you want to completely cure yourself, the first step is to kill the cause of any disease. This requires your lifestyle to be changed, you food habits to be refined and some simple home natural remedies for gerd which make the use of natural products that try to ease the symptoms of GERD. Have a look at the full plan on how to reduce GERD back to minor problems like acid reflux and heartburn, and gradually make your digestive system the perfect one by eliminating these small issues as well.

Natural Remedies For GERD


Banana has a great taste, but it has even better health advantages. It is a good source of fiber, and is helpful in reducing the chances of GERD by minimizing bloating and gas often followed by constipation. Also bananas contain potassium, a mineral that helps regulate fluid levels in your body and gives relief from acid reflux. Eating banana regularly is not only good for GERD patients but it also has other benefits including being natural remedies for gerd. So, include it in your daily diet.

healthy-foodsEat healthy to stay healthy

Diet of course has a vital role to play in determining your overall health, digestion and GERD eventually. Do you know what prevents the food that comes packed and ready to eat? The preservatives added to it saves it from being spoiled, the most common one is carbon dioxide. Most of the canned food items contain carbon dioxide to preserve it. Avoid these foods to avoid acidity and heartburn. You should also add all the soft drinks to the list of “food to stay away from” as all of them are carbonated. In addition to this antacids also contribute a lot to formation of gas inside the stomach. It is important to understand that GERD often is a result of your bad eating habits or eating the food that your body finds hard to digest. Have green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits, and try to avoid a fat and cholesterol-rich diet. Stale, packed and spicy food also is a great reason behind GERD. Hence if you want to get rid of acidity and GERD, get rid of the food that causes it first. This is the simplest natural home remedy for gerd.


Mustard is an alkalizing food that is full of minerals, and contains a weak acid in the form of vinegar. Consuming mustard straight, while it may make you grimace at first, may ultimately end up making your smile. Because of its alkaline properties, it will help neutralize the acid that may come creeping up your throat, and therefore may neutralize the pain of acid reflux. It seems to be the most helpful if you’re feeling a bout of heartburn creeping up, or if you’re in the midst of one. A really effective natural remedy for gerd.

Chamomile andownload (19)d cardamom tea

Adding chamomile tea or cardamom tea to your daily schedule reduces stomachaches, improves digestion, and also relieves you from GERD. Cardamom tea helps you digest your food better so that the food you eat will be less likely to produce gas. Boil two pieces of cardamom in a cup of water and drink it two times in a day to get rid of the problem of GERD.

images (14)Apple cider vinegar

The alkalizing effect that apple cider vinegar leaves into your body gives the real soothing effect in abdominal pain, heartburn, and also bloating caused by improper digestion and GERD. You cannot actually drink it in a concentrated form, and hence should take it after diluting. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it twice a day to get relief in all the symptoms of GERD. one of the best natural remedies for gerd.

doctor-secrets-weight-homeremedies9Keep a check on your weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the key to a healthy and fit body. If you are overweight, not only GERD will be a more common problem for you, but you are at a potential risk of serious health issues. If you have a lot of fat accumulated surrounding your abdomen and area around the hips, this fat will cause many health complications for your body.  Choose a right weight loose method in order to shed those extra pounds. Modify your diet and get some workout time daily.

images (36)Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the herb which can be used in almost every health ailment. It is known to soothe minor cuts and burns, but it can also soothe your stomach. You can have aloe juice daily as first thing in the morning. Or if you can manage, just take the gel out of the aloe plant. The gel straight from the plant is more concentrated than commercial aloe juice so don’t use more than 2 tablespoons. But if you cannot get a fresh leaf everyday, go grab a bottle of aloe juice form any health cum food store. Mix two spoons of the juice in half cup of lukewarm water and drink it daily in the morning. This is one of the best natural remedies for gerd

download (12)Ginger

Ginger is useful for treating many health ailments including GERD. Due to its inherent antibiotic properties ginger can help us in fighting the infection and cure all the symptoms of GERD. In short, we can say that drinking ginger tea not only makes your evening delight, but also gives a lot of health benefits. It can also help get rid of gastritis, stomach cramps and abdominal pain. You can have it in grated or crushed form mixed with equal amount of honey if you do not prefer to use the tea idea. This is one of the healthiest and tastiest natural home remedies for gerd.

All the above discussed home natural remedies for gerd make use of natural products and hence are totally harmless in context of side effects. Just choose the one that suits your body the best and get rid of GERD and other digestion related problems.