Genital Warts Home Remedies

Genital warts are sexually transmitted infections caused due to a type of human papilloma virus. This virus when spread, results in soft growths that generally appear on and around the genitals. These growths may appear on the penis, scrotum, and groin or even on thighs in males. And in females they may grow inside or outside the vagina and on the cervix. It is not necessary that the warts will appear on the genitals only; they may also infect the skin on lips, mouth, tongue, or throat of a person.

Managing the symptoms in case of genital warts is important because you want to prevent transmitting the virus to others. These home remedies for genital warts make sure that your warts are removed and also some of these efficiently lock the doors for reoccurring attacks permanently.


Home Remedies For Genital Warts 


download (22)Castor oil

Castor oil consists of multiple complex compounds some of which can get you rid of your genital warts naturally proving its worth as a home remedy for genital warts. Apply the thin layer of castor oil on your warts and then bandage the area with a garlic clove. Keep this bandage till morning and then remove it. Repeat the same practice for 2 to 3 weeks to see the improvement.

Olive-Leaf2-300x167Olive leaves

Olive leaf extract has been used for medicinal purpose in Ancient Egypt. A research has found that olive leaf contains strong anti-viral compound which can inhibit entire virus specific system in an infected body. An olive leaf can interfere with critical amino acid production for viruses that stops viral infection. As it can directly penetrate into the infected cells to stop viral replication, olive leaf extract can cure your genital warts effectively. You can easily get olive leaves in dried form from a herbal store nearby. Step the leaves in hot water and strain. Drink this tea 2 to 3 times daily for a month or so.

fig-leavesFig leaves

Fig leaf can cure your genital warts without any mess and that too in a way that they never come back. The enzyme ‘Ficain’ in the milky sap of plant seems to do the wonder. You won’t even feel any burning or stinging when using fig leaf sap for genital warts. It is a very effective home remedy for genital warts. Take a fig leaf and break to extract the milky sap. Apply this sap on the affected area and you warts will disappear completely within a 2 weeks.

download (2)Dandelion’s root

Dandelion herb’s root contains a chemical which helps a lot in curing genital warts. The milky sap of dandelion is applied externally to reduce virus prone cell proliferation. This latex type sap is taken from the roots, and also stems or leaves of the dandelion herb. You can get the sap from root or even the stem and apply it on the warts daily for 2 weeks.

download (3)Onion juice

Onion is strongly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature. Combined with salt, it can treat your genital warts. Both of these are antiseptic and onion used with salt speeds up the healing process. Onion juice treated with salt is one of the best Ayurvedic home remedies for genital warts that can completely remove them. It has only one disadvantage that the process of healing is very slow.


download (22)Banana peel

Banana is rich in potassium, but do you know the benefits of its peel? If no then let me tell you that doing the bandage with a large banana peel can help you relieve from the genital warts. Banana peel has enzymes that can dissolve warts easily. Make sure the peel is large enough to cover the entire area and leave it overnight. Repeat the bandage daily for almost 2 weeks.


download (65)Garlic

Garlic is an excellent herb that is used for treating many diseases since ages. But its use as a natural home remedy for genital warts to heal genital warts caused by viral infection is new and not known widely. All you need to do is get some garlic from grocery shop and make thick paste by crushing it. Apply it and leave for 1 hour on the skin area.

images (4)Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a magic wand for almost every type of skin problem. It is not only used to treat diabetes, psoriasis and even herpes, but it is now revealed that this herb can also heal the genital warts. The process is very simple, take aloe vera leave and rub it on the warts after peeling the thin cover of the leaf. If it is not possible to get the leaves directly, go to the medicine store and grab any aloe gel or cream. Apply it daily on the warts till you see them totally disappear.

images (14)Apple cider vinegar

This vinegar has more than one medicinal property. It is not only used in skin conditions like psoriasis, but is also effective in genital warts. Many scientific studies have approved the use of vinegar in genital warts to be effective. You may wonder how it works. Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid in it which is responsible for making the hidden warts appear on the skin. It is advised to soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and then apply on the area of skin affected. Leave it there for at least 10 minutes and then clean the skin with a dry cloth. Although applying vinegar may give a burning sensation initially but slowly it will become mild.

download (5)Milkweed

The milky sap present in fig leaves is not the only extracts which can cur genital warts. Milkweed which is easily found in North American regions has the same type of milky sap. His milkweed sap, like fig leaf sap, is a safe and non-irritating traditional remedy for removal of genital warts. It stops the growth of the pathogen which causes genital warts.

download (44)Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has great antiseptic and anti viral property because of which it is used in many skin ailments. It is one of the best home remedies for genital warts. Make sure that you apply it only on affected area and not on healthy skin. This oil is too strong to be applied in pure form hence don’t forget to dilute it. for diluting you can use olive oil or almond oil. You can apply this mixture several times a day to enhance the effect.

download (63)Potatoes

Potato has been used since ancient times in Indian medicine. Potatoes are very nutritious with a lot of vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium. Because they are readily available, this is a very easy home remedy for genital warts. The enzymes present in potato might remove your warts permanently. Cut a potato in thin slices and rub those slices against the warts. Repeat this 4 to 5 times whenever you get time in a day for at least 3 weeks.

download (33)Oatmeal

Oatmeal bath is an effective method of relieving the sufferer from the uneasiness and itchiness of genital warts. Soak finely powdered oatmeal in a bucket of hot water. Take a bath with this water. It is one of the effective natural home remedies for genital warts for curing genital warts at home.

We have listed a few best natural home remedies for genital warts. Use these simple home remedies for genital warts and cure your genital warts naturally forever.