Ear Infection Home Remedies

Due to accumulation of wax in the ear, upper respiratory tract infections, certain food and environmental changes, fetal alcohol syndrome, genetics, nutritional deficiencies and internal injuries sometimes child suffer from ear infection. It is very common among children but not rare in adults as well. You will start noticing it after you experience acute pain in the ear often followed by headache, fever and poor response to sound.

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This infection is caused by a virus or bacteria and can affect any part of the ear, be it the inner, outer or middle ear. If you do not act within time, it can reach the ear drum and lead to its damage. You can loose your hearing capability temporarily or permanently. Before going to the doctor, you can try these home remedies for ear infection that can be very helpful in treating all types of ear infections.

Home Remedies For  Ear Infection

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This is something you can easily find in your kitchen. Take approximately a cup of salt and heat it. For heating you can use microwave or can directly give the salt high temperature by placing it on the pan. Once it is hot enough take a soft cloth and put the salt on that cloth. After wrapping the salt in the cloth seal the open end with the help of a rubber band. Check to see whether its temperature is moderate enough to be applied to the ear or not. Once it is safe to apply, lie down and give your ear a hot compress with the salt wrapped in the cloth. Put slight pressure on the ear so that it doesn’t pain and at the same time entire ear gets in touch with the cloth. You can do this process twice or thrice daily until you get the infection out of the ear. This is the easiest natural home remedy for ear infection.

images (3)Garlic

Garlic has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help in quickly healing the ear infection, making it one of the best home remedies for ear infection. While the hot compress do its work by soothing the ear from outside, garlic can treat the infection by entering inside. Take three to four garlic cloves and boil them in two tablespoons of mustard oil. Keep on boiling until the cloves turn blackish in color. Once this stage is achieved strain out the garlic cloves and let the oil cool down to lukewarm. When it is bearably hot pour a few drops into the infected ear and let it do its work. Consuming two to three cloves of raw garlic daily also helps speed up the healing process.

images (14)Apple cider vinegar

Fungal infection may be one of the reasons behind your infected and aching ear. Apple cider vinegar is something you can make use of to deal with ear infection if the cause behind is fungus, making it one of the best useful home remedies for ear infection. This one is not as tricky as dropping the oil inside, but relatively easier. You have to take a tablespoon of vinegar and mix it with equal volume of water or alcohol. Soak a cotton ball in that mixture and apply of gently on the part ear you are experiencing pain. You can also leave the cotton into the ear for sometime or overnight to give it more time to act and kill the fugal infection.

hotwaterbottle2225776_MHot bottle

As soon as possible, apply some heat to the infected ear. This will quickly relieve some of the pain and will also prevent micro-organism infestation. Press a warm water bottle or heating pad against the ear. You can also use a warm compress. Dip a clean washcloth in lukewarm water, ring out the excess water and then place the washcloth on the infected ear. Do not apply heat to the ear for long periods of time. Start with five minutes, remove the heat for a while and then repeat the process as needed.

download (25)Olive oil

The wax that accumulates in the year over time is really inviting for a fungal or bacterial growth leading to a blockage in the Eustachian tubes. This makes kind of an obstruction and even pain in the ear. One can easily clear the obstruction with the help of olive oil. Warm some olive oil slightly. Put a few drops of the warm oil into the infected ear. The oil will cause the wax to soften. Remove the infected wax with cotton-tipped swabs. Be careful not to put the swab too far in the ear or you might damage the eardrum.

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The medicinal uses of onion are not restricted to ear infection only, but they cover many serious illness too. Onion is known as a pain reliever and also contains anti bacterial properties. Chop one small onion, put it in a bowl and microwave it for one to two minutes. Allow it to cool and then strain out the onion juice. Put two to three drops of the juice in the infected ear, leave it for sometime and then turn your head to let it drain out of your ear. This is one of the best natural home remedy for ear infection.

download (44)Tea tree oil

The mild antibacterial properties present in tea tree oil can give instant relief from earache, making it a mild yet effective natural home remedy for ear infection. To treat an ear infection, follow the steps below. Mix three drops of tea tree oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of colloidal silver and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Warm the mixture slightly. Lay on your side with your head on a towel. Using a dropper, fill your ear with the mixture and let it sit for five minutes. Then turn and lay on your other side so that the mixture drains out of your ear completely. Follow this remedy two to three times a day for two days.

download (46)Basil

If you are suffering from earaches due to ear infection in any part of your ear, you can use holy basil as a natural home remedy for ear infection to ease your pain. Crush four to five fresh holy basil leaves gently to extract the juice. Apply the basil juice on or around the infected ear. Avoid getting the juice in the ear canal. You can also mix a few drops of holy basil oil with an equal amount of carrier oil like coconut oil. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and gently wipe just inside the ear, around the outer edge and behind the ear. Repeat the process twice daily.

With these home remedies for ear infection, you can easily get rid of all types of ear infections, whether the infection is due to fungus, bacteria or virus.