Diaper Rash Home Remedies

Our infant’s skin is the softest one in this world, and it is our responsibility to take good care of him. Continuous use of diapers leads to diaper rashes due to excess of moisture and rubbing of skin while the child plays. No matter how soft the diapers are made, and also it doesn’t matter we are using cloth diaper or cotton, your baby’s skin may develop rashes around the things and bottom. It is a well known fact that we should change the diapers frequently and should not let them stay in wet for long time. Despite these efforts sometimes the soft skin of your baby turns red and can even start bleeding if you do not act immediately.


There are certain home remedies for diaper rash that you can practice at home rather than exposing your baby to ointments full of chemicals at this tender age to deal with diaper rashes. All these remedies can be used as a preventive measure as well. you can decrease the frequency of use if your baby luckily does not suffer from diaper rashes yet and you want him to continue the same way.


Home Remedies For Diaper Rash


Shea butter

Shea butter is a natural remedy for curing diaper rashes. We all know that skin of babies is very soft and tender. Shea butter can easily be absorbed by the skin of scalp without leaving any greasy residue. It does not clog pores and prevent the development of oil or dandruff. You are required to rub some Shea butter onto the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. After a stipulated time, use a soft toothed comb to pick out flakes. Wash baby’s head with shampoo. Gently wipe baby’s head.




Viola is a violet flowering plant that has anti- oxidants, and it is antimicrobial and insecticidal in nature. Salicylic acid in viola is the disinfectant that can soften the hard skin, corns and warts. The leaves of this herb contain vitamin C, A and the root contains many minerals, and so all parts of the plant contain healing properties, making it a safe home remedy for diaper rash. This can be used to treat the diaper rashes issue in both infants as well as adults.


Petroleum jelly

Vaseline or other petroleum jelly products are the most simplest and convenient home remedy for diaper rashes. It is totally safe to apply these products on your baby’s skin. All you have to do is get a good quality Vaseline, and apply it on the affected area. Leave it there overnight to do its work. It will make the skin soft and also the scale easily removable. Later on use a comb to remove the scaly patches.



Stale urine is extremely alkaline in nature and can burn a baby’s soft skin like an acid. To balance out the high pH, vinegar is one of the best possible choices. If you are using reusable diapers or cloth diapers, rinse them in a vinegar solution. Add one-half cup of vinegar to half a bucket of water and use it to rinse your baby’s diapers. This will help get rid of any soap buildup in the diapers as well as any urine smell.


Coconut oil

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This is the very first name we can trust when it is about the soft and untouched skin of our baby. Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for solving almost all skin problems, and also being one of the best natural home remedies for diaper rash. It contains vitamin E which is anti- fungal and anti- bacterial in nature due to the presence of fatty acids. It stops any type of bacterial activity on the skin affected by diaper rash that can worsen the condition. If you give massage to your baby, you can use good quality coconut oil. Rub it gently on the face and head before giving him a soothing bath.


Baking soda

Dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in about four cups of water. Each time you change your baby’s diaper, wash the baby’s bottom with the mixture. Use a dry washcloth to lightly pat the skin dry before putting on a clean diaper. Baking soda contains all the properties required to heal the diaper rashes.


Olive oil

Olive oil is the commonly used oil for healing diaper rashes in infants as it is considered to be the mildest oil. To remove crusty scales and flakes accumulated on your baby’s head, eyebrows or even nose you need to apply some olive oil on his/ her skin. Let it do its work for about 15 to 20 minutes. Oil will soak the dry scales, which can be easily removed with fine toothed comb or a wet cloth.


Breast milk

It is the easily available and the most trusted home remedy to treat diaper rashes. If you have and infant who is suffering from acute itchy and scaly patches, just apply some breast milk with a cotton swab on the area affected. The best thing about this home remedy for diaper rash is that you can use it as many times you are feeding your baby. Breast milk contains all your baby needs, at least till six months. The same goes for treatment of diaper rashes as well.



Calendula or marigold contains antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which help to give relief from the diaper rashes. It is widely used to reduce the inflammation and thus soothes the irritated tissue. It speeds up the healing process by increasing the blood flow to the affected area and improves collagen production, being a really effective home remedy for diaper rash.


Almond oil


Yet another 100% safe and effective home remedy for diaper rashes is almond oil. Almond oil is very safe for treating diaper rashes in infants. Since the skin of a baby is very sensitive, almond oil can be applied on the infected area. Let the flakes damp for a few minutes. With the help of a fine toothed comb, swiftly remove the flakes carefully without hurting your baby. You can also use a soft washcloth instead of comb if you are concerned about your baby getting hurt.

These are the home remedies for diaper rash that you can use with ease to both treat and prevent diaper rashes.