Dark Circles Home Remedies

Dark circles are the real look spoilers for both men and women, especially with aging. Your eyes can look even more beautiful if you don’t have these black outlining around your eyes. There can be more than one reason why you have got these black circles and not others. Stress, hormonal imbalance, disturbed sleep schedule, unhealthy lifestyle are some of the main causes behind the problem. Nutritional deficiencies may also result in the dark spots around your eyes.

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To chase away the dark area encircling your eyes and stealing the beauty of your face and eyes both, we have given some really beneficial natural home remedies for dark circles to assist you. You can use all of them without worrying about the side effects.


Home Remedies For Dark Circles



Tomato is not only appealingly red in color and refreshing in taste, but is advantageous for overall health and taking care of your eyes also. To make your skin soft and shining, and to get rid of dark circles, you can eat tomatoes and use them as application as well, a very easy and effective natural home remedy for dark circles. Eat raw tomato, or add it to the food if wish to eat it. But if you want to apply them on and around your eyes, you need to make a paste. For the paste mix a tablespoon of tomato juice with equal amount of lemon juice and apply this paste around your eyes. Let it stay there to do its work and then wash off with cold water. You can use the paste two times in a day to say good bye to annoying dark circles forever.




Just like tomato, potatoes can also be used for treating dark circles. It provides a very soothing effect to burning eyes and is also beneficial for dark circles, making them quiet effective natural home remedy for dark circles. You can either go for a grated paste or can also use thick potato slices to apply on the eyes affected with dark circle. Get some raw potatoes and grate them to extract the juice of the same. With the help of a cotton swab apply the potato juice on the area affected by dark circles. You an also apply it over your eyes as it is totally harmless. Wait for approximately ten minutes before you wash your face.


Tea bags

Drinking excess of tea may cause your health to deteriorate and dark circles may appear but the tea bags can be used to lighten up the dark circles. Confused? Take a tea bag take a tea bag preferably a chamomile or green tea bag, and soak it in water for a few minutes. After sometime place it in the refrigerator for a while. Once it becomes chilling cold take them out and place them over your eyes. Use this natural home remedy for dark circles on a regular basis to see considerable difference.


Cold milk

Regular use of cold milk will also decrease the dark circles and also soothes your eyes and skin, making it extra beneficial natural home remedy for dark circles. But here also I am not talking about drinking it. Drinking milk may be beneficial for your bones, but in this case you have to apply it on your dark circles. Take a cotton ball and place it in a bowl of cold milk or iced water for a while. Now apply the cotton ball making sure that it covers the entire eye with the affected area. Keep it for a while and then wash it cold water.


Almond oil


Almond oil is a great natural ingredient that is very safe and beneficial for the delicate skin around your eyes. If you apply almond oil regularly the dark spots soon will disappear and would never turn back. In addition to almond oil, you can use vitamin E oil to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. This is the best effective natural home remedy for dark circles.


Cold compress

Cold compress can constrict the blood vessels under the eyes and help a lot in reducing eye puffiness and dark circles, making them easy natural home remedy for dark circles. All you need is a soft cloth and some ice cubes or cold milk. Soak a washcloth in cold water or cold milk. Put it over your closed eyelids for the time you are comfortable. Alternatively, you can wrap a few ice cubes in a soft napkin and place it under your eyes for a few minutes. You can also use a bag of frozen peas, a chilled teabag or a cold spoon.


Orange juice

It is not merely tasty, healthy and refreshing drink; it has a lot more to offer. You might have drunk this juice, but I bet you had not thought of applying in around your eyes. It is another effective natural home remedy for dark circles to remove dark circles. Rather than applying plain orange juice, you can mix it with a few drops of glycerin and apply this mixture over the dark circles. Orange peel is a component of many beauty products available in the market. This will make your dark circles fade away and also give your eyes a glowing look.


Coconut oil

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This is the very first name we can trust when it is about the sensitive area near our eyes. Coconut oil is an excellent natural home remedy for dark circles for solving almost all skin problems and this one is it’s another use. It contains vitamin E which is anti- fungal and anti- bacterial in nature due to the presence of fatty acids, which is all we need to heel the cracked and chapped lips. In the same way it can also turn your eyes more beautiful by removing the dark circles. It stops any type of bacterial activity on the cracked skin that can worsen the condition.


Relieve yourself from stress with yoga

Stress is believed to be one of the major factor causing dark circles. Even if you use medication or other home remedies to treat the dark circle, they will eventually return if you are taking too much stress because of your work, or relationships or anything else. Hectic lifestyle and too much of pressure of success may take you into depression, dark circles is just a small impact. No amount of natural home remedies for dark circles will work if your mind is not cool and calm. Yoga provides a greater control and coordination between mind and body. You can instruct your mind and heart to go a particular way if you regularly practice yoga.

If you wish to look beautiful with amazing eyes without make up then these natural home remedies for dark circles are meant for you. Try them out and get rid of the beauty spoilers.