Common Fever Home Remedies

With sudden temperature change there come chances of catching infections and viruses may invade your body anytime to create great deal of trouble. Common fever is one of them. It is called common because most of us get it anytime during the year. It can affect people of any age, sex or race. The common symptoms include cough, cold, sore throat and body aches. While there are many non-infectious causes of fever, a fever is one common symptom of a viral infection, affecting different areas of the body such as intestine, lungs, airways, etc.


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Sometimes taking antivirals is not the only option to treat common fever due to viral infection, or any other reason too. We can treat it well with the help of the following natural home remedies for fever.

Home Remedies For Fever


Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are generally used as spice while cooking some dishes. But it has another beautiful use in lowering down the temperature of ones body. Coriander seeds contain vitamins and phyto- nutrients both of which are helpful in boosting our immune system. In addition to this, the presence of antibiotic compounds and potent volatile oils, coriander acts as an effective natural aid to combat a viral infection. With all these natural home remedy for fever benefits, it is also easy to cook. All you need to do is to get some coriander seeds from the market and add a tablespoon of them to a cup of boiling water. Boil this solution and allow it to cool, strain and add little milk and sugar to make it look and taste like actual tea.  Drink this coriander tea twice a day for a few days.


Dill seeds extract


It is something that can control your body temperature instantly. In addition to this, it has a long term effect of giving strength to our immune system and relaxing the body. It is a useful natural home remedy for fever in common fever due to the presence of flavonoids and monoterpenes. These two are powerful antimicrobial agent to relieve viral fever. Dill seeds can be taken after preparing an extract from them. For preparing the decoction you need suva seeds, peppercorn and kalonji. Take one tablespoon of suva seeds, peppercorns and kalonji. Add this mixture to a cup of boiling water and allow it to boil for 10 minutes. Strain the contents, add a pinch of cinnamon powder and drink warm to relieve a fever.


Tulsi leaves

This is the most commonly used plant for almost all health ailments. Along with all the major disease, it is one of the most effective and widely used natural home remedy for fever to help relieve the symptoms of viral fever. Tulsi leaves contain all the anti-bacterial, germicidal, anti-biotic and fungicidal properties that are capable of treating a viral fever. All you need to do is to boil around 20 fresh and clean Tulsi leaves in one liter of water with half a spoon of clove powder. Allow the solution to boil till the water reduces to half. Drink this decoction every two hours.


Rice starch

This is the simplest possible way to treat common fever at home. It is probably the oldest home remedies known to mankind for treating viral fever naturally. This traditional natural home remedy for fever acts as a diuretic agent that increases urination and boosts the immune system. It also acts as a natural nourishing drink, especially for children and older people suffering from viral fever. Extracting starch from rice is very simple process. Cook a cup of rice by adding one and half cup of water. Wait until the rice granules are half-cooked and once they are done strain the liquid. Add this liquid to a glass, a pinch of salt and drink when warm to combat common fever symptoms.




Ginger is useful for treating many health ailments including tackling common fever. Drinking ginger tea not only makes your evening delight, but also gives a lot of health benefits, including being one of the tastiest natural home remedy for fever. For immunity boosting taking it in tea will be mild, hence take out the juice by crushing it and mix it with equal amount of pomegranate then drink it daily. it is literally a powerhouse of health benefits and contains compounds that show anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties to ease the symptoms of viral fever. Hence, people suffering from viral fever are recommended to consume ginger with some honey to help relieve the discomfort associated with viral fever. You can even choose to take dry ginger if you cannot manage to get a fresh one. You will get it in powdered form or can even make powder yourself by grinding for a few minutes in the grinder.


Fenugreek seeds

Famous for their use in digestive and other health issues, fenugreek seeds can be effective in relieving from high fever as well. These can be easily found in your kitchen cabinet and you can draw many benefits from this natural product, as it is a really effective natural home remedy for fever. It contains compounds like diosgenin, saponins and alkaloids in abundance. Apart from these, fenugreek also contains various compounds that help reduce fever and other symptoms associated with viral infection. Take about one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and soak hem in half cup of water overnight. In the morning, strain this solution and sip this drink at regular intervals to treat viral fever.



Throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties. Garlic can combat sickness, boost the function of the immune system, reduces chances of stroke and blood pressure. It also improves cholesterol levels and athletic performance can also be enhanced by taking garlic supplements. In all we can summarize that this small herb saves you from world’s biggest killers. Moreover it is very easy to include it in your daily diet as it adds taste to your food. Hence it makes up for being one of the best natural home remedy for fever.


Herbal tea

Drinking herbal teas during a viral fever can be very beneficial as they are full of vitamins and minerals. Taking herbal teas during fever can help stimulate the body as well as keep the body hydrated, as it is a really beneficial natural home remedy for fever.

With all the above discussed natural home remedy for fever you will easily control the temperature of your body with negligible cost and least efforts.