Chilblains Home Remedies

As the name suggests, chilblains is the condition when sudden exposure to cold weather leads to expansion of blood vessels resulting in leakage of blood to nearby tissues. Chilblains can affect any part of your body, giving a burning sensation in that part followed by pain, swelling and redness. It extreme cases, it can also convert into ulceration.

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You may find it among people from all ages but mostly its victims are children and elderly people. It is often mistaken for frostbite because it occurs when an individual is exposed to cold weather conditions. Although you can manage this condition by avoiding exposure to cold in a few weeks, but everybody wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. For enhancing the rate of recovery of chilblains one can use the following natural home remedies for chilblains.


Natural Home Remedies For Chilblains


Give a warm treat


You know the main reason behind chilblains is low temperature, simply reversing the condition may also help. Try to give the part affected by chilblains as much heat as possible. Do not literally go for burning it, but you can also wrap yourself with a warm blanket and drink a glass of hot chocolate or a cup of warm herbal tea to help your body adapt to warm temperature. Use a room heater to increase the temperature of surroundings and follow this by a relaxing massage with any oil available at home. Half of the pain will vanish instantly, with this natural home remedies for chilblains.


Elevate it

Whenever you have that sensation of cold chilblains through any of your body part, just elevate the affected area above certain level. Keep it at the height you are comfortable with, but do elevate it. Doing so will help improve blood circulation in that particular part and once the circulation is alright swelling, inflammation and pain will also reduce. This is the best natural home remedies for chilblains. If it is your hands that are suffering, you can try placing them on pillows to keep them at height. Place your legs on the table in front of your chair so that they can also get enough of blood.



You might have heard about the benefits of eating onion as salad. But this time we are talking about some other way of using the vegetable. Onions have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic properties that can help reduce itching, pain, swelling and inflammation, and reduce the risk of infection. You don’t have to eat it actually to avail the benefits in chilblains but apply it in some forms. Take a thick slice of onion and rub it on the area affected by chilblains assuming you are giving onion massage. After doing this for 2 minutes leave the onion slice there only for another 15 minutes. After removing wipe the area with a warm cloth. You can also apply it in the form of thick paste made after blending onion in a blender. Any of these can be done 3 times a day till your find relief. If you have accidentally developed cracks on your skin due to cold, then this natural home remedies for chilblains will make them worse, hence it is not advised to use onions in such cases.



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Throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties. Garlic can combat sickness, boost the function of the immune system, reduces chances of stroke and blood pressure and even save you from painful chilblains. It also improves cholesterol levels and athletic performance can also be enhanced by taking garlic supplements. You can use garlic paste and garlic oil to massage the area affected by chilblains. It is very easy to include it in your daily diet as it adds taste to your food, and massaging with it is also not so difficult, as it is an all natural home remedies for chilblains.



If you are a frequent victim of chilblains, then with the onset of the winter months, you should make it a habit to give your body a warm soothing massage with mustard or coconut oil. Specifically try to give your hands and legs a gentle massage in circular motions twice daily as they are the probable parts to be affected by chilblains. It will not only raise the body temperature, but will also improve blood circulation which is extremely necessary for avoiding chilblains. You can use palm oil or castor oil to massage your hands and legs, as palm oil is another natural home remedy for chilblains. Another option is to add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender, rosemary or lemon oil to any good quality vegetable oil and use it to massage.



Potatoes can bring down the itching and inflammation caused by chilblains to a great extent, due to their anti-irritating and soothing properties. They are also good for treating blisters that develop with chilblains. The way we have done with onions is also the manner we need to do with potato slices. Here we need to add salt to the slices and then rub them. Alternatively, you can boil 1 or 2 potatoes in a glass of water for about 15 minutes. Allow the solution to cool down. Soak the affected area in the solution for about 10 minutes. You can do either of them in the morning and before going to sleep everyday, making them an effective natural home remedies for chilblains.


Aloe vera

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Aloe plant is generally called first aid plant as it can be used in almost every skin ailment to give instant relief. It is so because of excellent skin repairing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that aloe vera gel has. Due to all these it is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see the initiation of chilblains marked by redness.

All you have to do is take an aloe vera leaf, tear it apart from the middle and the gel which comes out of it is what you need. Apply that gel swiftly on the skin affected by chilblains to see it vanishing very fast. Repeat this practice two times a day till you feel the skin is uneven. If it is not possible to get the leaf, you can go for aloe vera ointment which can be taken from any grocery store, but go for the most natural one. It will definitely stop pain and reduce redness as it is the best natural home remedy for chilblains.



Poor blood circulation is the contributing factor leading to chilblains. If you exercise regularly you blood will circulate to all parts of your body evenly. This will in turn make you less susceptible to chilblains. Excercise is the healthiest natural home remedies for chilblains.


Egg white mixture

You can mix equal amounts of egg white, flour, and honey to make a thick paste. Then add some glycerine to the mixture. Apply this paste as an ointment to affected parts. Egg white is easily available, affordable and effective way to reduce the affect of chilblains as it is a very effective natural home remedies for chilblains.

With all these tips and natural home remedy for chilblains, you can actually see it going within days rather than sitting for weeks to see them disappearing.