Chicken Pox Home Remedies

Chicken pox is a viral infection which is caused by varicella zoster virus, resulting in itchy blister like rashes on human body. This virus usually attacks children but may bother adults also. This disease has very high chances of catching human who have not had it before and those who are not yet vaccinated against the causative virus. The virus can easily manage to enter human body through air, saliva or fluid oozing out from the blisters. The infected person is contagious from a day or two before the rashes appear, until the time when all the blisters have dried.


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Other than the itchy sores, other symptoms of chicken pox are high fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and aching muscles. Apart from kids, pregnant women and people with weaker immune system form the high risk group for chicken pox.  There are certain chicken pox home remedies that are of great help for chickenpox as they can help alleviate the symptoms if you do get this disease.


Home Remedies For Chicken Pox


Neem leaves


Neem has alkaloids that make it anti-bacterial, anti-contagious and antiviral in nature, making it a really effective chicken pox remedy. Apart from dealing with chicken pox winningly neem has many medicinal properties. You can crush the neem leaves and then apply it on the affected area. One can also choose to have bath in water with neem leaves boiled into it.


Baking soda

Baking soda is excellent absorbent, and hence soaks all the moisture from the skin, thereby relieving itching. Baking soda therefore works as natural drier and even kills bacteria to remove any infection, and a very effective chicken pox remedy. Baking soda is something that is easily available in our kitchen, and to get rid of the rashes and blisters in chicken pox, you have to mix one tablespoon of baking soda in one lemon. Add this to a glass of water and mix it well, and then apply it on your body as if you are sponge cleaning the body. Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it with warm water prepared for taking bath. Let the patient bathe with this water. You can even have cool bath instead of warm bath.



Oatmeal also contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potent chicken pox remedy. It can tackle chicken pox developed due to any reason and on any part of our body. All you need to erase any type of sores due to chicken pox from your skin is to grind oatmeal very finely in a grinder. Mix a cup of it in lukewarm water and then soak your rash affected skin in that water for about half an hour.


Epsom salt

Epsom salt has a potential to heal all types of body pains including being a great chicken pox remedies. Mix epsom salt in hot water to make a thick paste. Soak a towel in it and ring out any excess liquid from the towel. Apply the paste on the skin where you see the red spots of chicken pox. If you find it a bit complex, you can also add two cups of Epsom salt to your bathwater and soak your body in it for half an hour.


Sandalwood oil


Sandalwood oil is known for its soothing aroma, but it is helpful in dealing with chicken pox as well, as it acts like a very effective chicken pox remedy. Prepare a paste by adding sufficient amount of water in some sandalwood powder. Mix it well and apply it on your sores. Leave it until it gets dried. Wash with clean water. You can also prepare a mixture by adding white vinegar with some sandalwood powder or oil. After taking bath, apply this mixture on your red spots.


Essential oils

Sometimes oils can do wonders in treating the chicken pox red spots and itchiness as well, making it a very soothing chicken pox remedy. Thieves oil is a blend of five anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic essential oils. These five oils are cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils. When combined with other useful essential oils and Epsom salt, this oil blend does wonders to cure chicken pox. You can use this for an oily Epsom salt bath.


Expose your rashes to sunlight

The virus that causes chicken pox, varicella-zoster is not comfortable in sunlight as it contains ultra violet rays. This explains less cases of chicken pox in tropical regions where sunlight in available in abundance throughout the year. Sun light is not necessary only to kill the virus, but it also supplies vitamin D to our body which is necessary among kids to boost their immunity. With so many benefits you may have convinced by now to expose yourself to sunlight daily. However, if you have active lesions on skin, you should not go for sun exposure. This will turn the wounds into scars. If you have caught the virus but still have not developed the rashes, you may go for sunshine therapy though. Sunshine is the best natural free chicken pox remedy.




Honey is the natural antibacterial component which can excellently cure irritation. It is said that the simple natural sugars contained in the honey along with its anti-bacterial properties create this soothing effect, and is a very effective chicken pox remedy. Apply honey in thin layer all over your skin where there are rashes, blisters or nothing is visible, but you feel itchy. Let it be there to do its work for a few minutes and the wash it off.


Brown vinegar

All of us are aware of the medicinal uses of vinegar due to its acidic nature. The acetic acid present in brown vinegar has the ability to kill all the harmful bacteria, making it a very powerful chicken pox remedy. That is why it can be used to treat chicken pox and other such diseases. As a traditional remedy, brown vinegar has been used to treat chicken pox as it helps relieve irritation and make blisters dry off. It also prevents the chicken pox sores and rashes from leaving scars behind. All you need to do is to have bath in water mixed with brown vinegar and try to soak yourself in bath tub for 10 to 15 minutes.


Dietary changes

Diet has a major role to play in determining your overall health as well as your immunity level against diseases like chicken pox. A natural healthy diet is the best chicken pox remedy. If you do not have a disease you can compromise on a normal diet and can even go for tasty and spicy foods. But once you know have the virus, be careful about what you eat and stay away from foods that will lead to irritation on skin. You should have plenty of raw vegetables and colorful fruits. They provide you with phyto-nutrients required to strengthen your immune system. Also make sure to add a variety of juices to your diet and do not hesitate in taking supplements to boost up your immunity.

All this will be ore than enough to give chicken pox a tough fight and you will surely see it running away from your body within a few days with the help of the above discussed natural chicken pox home remedies.