Chest Congestion Home Remedies

Chest congestion is that unpleasant feeling which makes you feel tightness and heaviness around the chest due to accumulation of some type of fluid inside the lungs. This condition arises due to some health ailments that have direct impact on our respiratory system. Due to chest congestion, sometimes the person may find it difficult to breathe as when the air starts to flow through the air tracks and the congestion obstructs the flow of oxygen into the lungs, leading to life threatening condition in severe cases.

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Chest congestion due to common cold is very common and we have a tendency to ignore it. But one can also misinterpret the congestion as a result of heart problem as something else. That can cost a patient his / her life. So, better take action as soon as you find the sensation of pain or heaviness in your chest. These home remedies for chest congestion will aid you in taking immediate action against such problem.

Home Remedies For Chest Congestion


Chest congestion due to cold is often symbolized by sever cough and turmeric is something that can help you get rid of this problem. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric pull out the excess mucus, which ultimately provides relief. You can take it after mixing one tablespoon in a glass of lukewarm milk. Adding it to your dishes gives them a bright yellow color and an appealing smell, in addition to the health benefits, especially make for a great home remedy for chest congestion  .



Lemon is a very famous citrus fruit, known for raising immunity and strengthening our disease fighting capability. To treat sore throat due to cold and chest congestion, add a tablespoon of lemon juice in hot water and drink it daily. You can take the mixture twice in a day if you are not getting relief, and add it to one of the best home remedies for chest congestion.


Garlic is one of the natural home remedies for chest congestion to treat acute chest congestion and bronchitis. The small garlic clove has loads of antiviral and antibiotic properties in it, which makes it suitable cure for opening up the congested chest. You can eat 3- 4 garlic cloves daily in the morning, or can have it after making a mixture of honey and crushed garlic.


The antibacterial and antiviral properties of onion soothe inflammation and soreness of throat. The person suffering with chest congestion simply has to intake one teaspoon of raw onion juice on an empty stomach every morning, and that will act as a very natural home remedy for chest congestion. You can also have raw onion in salad or use onion while cooking.


Honey has a lot of medicinal properties. It contains antiviral as well as antibacterial properties that help the chest congestion patients by soothing the throat, and building a stronger immunity. Honey is something you can take anyway you like. You can have it mixed in a cup of tea, or the glass of milk you have before going to bed. You can even eat it raw, as it really tastes good. But be sure you have good quality raw honey, and you have an excellent natural home remedy for chest congestion.



Even for minor cough problem we use gargle with salt water. It is equally beneficial for chest congestion as well. Water treated with salt can cut through the mucous which is causing irritation in the sensitive bronchial membranes, and is very effective natural home remedy for chest congestion. It also gives soothing effect to the throat which must be burning due to frequent coughing. Add a tablespoon of salt to 2 glasses of water and then use this water for gargling.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is one the most effective herbal natural home remedy for chest congestion. You can consume it in the form of tea, although it is different from the tea we have daily. To prepare the tea of bay leaf, boil a cup of water and add a bay leaf to the boiling water. Let it steep for a few minutes. Drink after removing the leaf from the water. You can have it two times a day to get relief in chest congestion.


Ginger is famous for its immunity enhancing action and anti- inflammatory properties and is a very powerful natural home remedy for chest congestion. It is very commonly used to treat mild cold, the same way it can also be taken by patients suffering from chest congestion. Ginger can heal up the inflamed bronchial tubes very fast due to its anti- inflammatory action. You can eat the paste of ginger after mixing with honey, or can also drink a cup of tasty tea after boiling crushed ginger in it.

Mustard plaster

There are several spices which help cure acute chest congestion, mustard is one of them. With mustard you can give kind of a therapy by applying mustard paste on your chest. For making the paste, take 1 cup of mustard and 4 cups of flour. Make a thin paste by mixing the two ingredients in water. After applying some olive oil on chest, spread this paste evenly on a cloth and put that cloth on your chest. Let it stay there till the mixture cools down. Simply massaging the chest with hot mustard oil also sends relief to the chest. While heating the mustard oil, add camphor to it in order to treat asthma. Mustard is one of the best natural home remedy for chest congestion.



Drinking hot soup of any vegetable you like helps in making it easy to breathe in chest congestion, making it the best delicious natural home remedy for chest congestion. It also gives a few more health benefits. Especially in winters you should have a cup of soup daily. Drinking it will help in clearing up your respiratory track, which will make it easier for you to breathe.

Taking steam

Eucalyptus oil can be added to the water you use for taking steam. It makes the mucus soft and makes the way fro it to come out. It can also effectively relieve you fro common symptoms like burning sensation and inflamed throat. All you need to do is just add a few drops of this oil in boiling water. Then breathe in the steam of water with eucalyptus oil’s aroma mixed in it. To enhance the effect, cover your head with a towel. This is the best natural home remedy for chest congestion.

Apart form having steam of essence of eucalyptus oil, Epsom salt bath is the next thing that can be helpful and a really good natural home remedy for chest congestion. Taking this bath is good for muscle relaxation, bone spur, and even respiratory problems. For bronchitis you need to add more amount of salt to bathing water. Take approximately half kg of Epsom salt in warm bath water, and soak yourself in that water fro about half an hour.

Take help of these natural home remedy for chest congestion to get instant relief in chest congestion and do not allow it to bother you for a long time as it may hamper your health.