Celiac Disease Home Remedies

Celiac is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system responds to gluten negatively. Whenever you take in gluten in any form, the immune system causes damage to small intestine indirectly. The small intestine thereby cannot absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Celiac disease if left untreated may lead to anemic condition, osteoporosis, and can even raise the risk of lymphoma. The problem with gluten containing products generally starts at infancy or early childhood when one has just started the intake of gluten rich foods. Although there are no strong evidences, but it is only estimated that the problem with gluten comes embedded in genes.




One strange and surprising fact about celiac disease is that it affects the female population nearly twice more than it harms male group. The reason behind this is still to be found. The early symptoms of celiac are abdominal pain, flatulence on eating gluten rich food, diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight as well. Although it is not so easy to diagnose, but it is relatively easy to treat this disease once it is confirmed that you have it. The diagnosis becomes difficult because of the symptoms at initial stage are really very mild. Treating is just simple and can be accomplished with the help of some easy natural remedies for celiac disease.

Natural Remedies For Celiac Disease


Horsetail tea

The name sounds strange, but horsetail tea addresses the problems related to celiac disease in the same way as chamomile tea does. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the digestive tract and the intestines, working hugely as a natural remedy for celiac disease. In long term effect it boosts up the strength and durability of the digestive system, so that your system gradually becomes less sensitive to gluten.


Fish oil


You might have heard about people taking capsules of fish oil for various health issues. And some even take the as a nutritional source. Consuming fish oil has a lot of health benefits, and source of energy, but they can also avoid any type of inflammation in small intestine due to celiac disease or any other reason, hence acting as a proven natural remedy for celiac disease. If you are a regular consumer of fish oil, you are likely to avoid the painful flare-up of celiac symptoms if you accidentally consume some gluten.



The symptoms of celiac disease are of the nature that it becomes difficult to diagnose it at very early stage. The disease comes out as a shock to the patient only after it has done much damage to out intestine.  Many patients might have lived for years with the problem and then they got to know about the condition. Till then their intestinal walls are badly damaged, and the efficiency of nutrient absorption in their body has deteriorated to very poor. Yogurt is known to stimulate beneficial bacteria and promote the healing of the digestive tract, so celiac patients are often encouraged to increase their intake of yogurt. Yoghurt is the best delicious natural remedy for celiac disease. There are other health benefits of eating yogurt as well.


Be determined about avoiding gluten

It is the much obvious trick. Leave eating the root cause of celiac disease, and that is gluten. It is a health ailment that can be controlled by controlling the diet alone. It will be a bit hard to stick at, but this is the only option you have. Determination is the real key for accomplishing the goals. Straight away eliminate all the food products that have the name gluten in its ingredients. This is the best natural remedy for celiac disease. I know there are many such food items and you will find it difficult to leave all those, but it costs you your own health, right!

One common mistake done by celiac patients while choosing what to eat and what not to eat is the belief that only wheat contains gluten. Gluten is added to thousands of different food items as additional bulk, or space-filling material. It is found in wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. You can therefore not eat almost all bread and grain products, as well as imitation meats, ice cream, ketchup, desserts, baked goods, soy sauce, and hundreds of others. This is the most obvious and popular way to reduce the effects of Celiac disease. Simply be choosy about everything you eat and pay attention to labels on food packages, and use this determination as a natural remedy for celiac disease.


Papain supplements


The problem in celiac disease is with the immune system not identifying gluten as food item. What if we can introduce them to each other? Jokes apart, papain is a food supplement that can make immune system somewhat gluten friendly. Papain can stimulate the enzymes in the small intestine to properly identify gluten, thereby reducing the immune system response, and acting as an active natural remedy for celiac disease. There are other food supplements that can do this work in a similar manner. For all those who cannot help eating gluten food, papain is something they should start counting on. Papain supplements are readily available at any food cum health store, but it is also present in some fruits like papaya. If you want to take it from a natural source, go for papaya- a tasty food which has many health benefits other than curing celiac disease. In some severe cases, the patients do not get relieved from the symptoms completely even after taking high dosage of these supplements, so better start early.



Goldenseal and olive leaf extracts are the most effective and commonly used natural home remedy for celiac disease, in the treatment of celiac disease. Both of them are known to regulate the immunity of our body, and in addition to this, they also protect the immune system, thereby reducing the auto-immune effects on the small intestine, lessening the severity of celiac disease.



It is a very famous herb which is used to treat stomach related issues by many of us, and acts an a very effective natural remedy for celiac disease. It is equally effective in this case as well. Celiac disease is often accompanied by inflammations in the digestive tract and improper digestion of food. A cup of chamomile tea can do wonders in these two symptoms.


Other than these natural remedy for celiac disease, your attentiveness is required every time you eat something. You can easily remember which all foods you have to skip in order to suppress the celiac disease, but you should also be careful about certain foods that are not directly made of gluten but have it as a hidden component.