Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Remedies

The carpal tunnel is a structure formed by bones in the wrist and the overlying connective tissue through which nerves and tendons that control thumb and finger movement pass. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition which causes episodes of numbness, tingling, burning, and aching in the thumb, index and middle fingers, and thumb-side of the ring finger. In worst cases, carpal tunnel syndrome may affect the wrist up, forearm and even into the shoulder. The numbness which is generally occasional, may persist for longer time and even become constant, that will lead to loss of grip strength and coordination.



To sum it up, carpal tunnel syndrome if gone at its peak may turn your hands useless. You are at a very high risk of this disease if job is related to computer on which you have to type starting from morning to evening. If you do something that needs you to spend maximum time punching cash register keys, gripping strings or holes on a musical instrument, twisting a screwdriver. Not only this, all other repetitive, forceful movement with your hands for a lot of time may end up giving you carpal tunnel syndrome.

To deal with the painful condition, we have summarized some excellent home remedies for carpal tunnel that will work as an aid in lowering the pain and curing the disease. Many patients of CTS have been benefited by the following home remedies for carpal tunnel.

Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel



acupuncture 140

Acupuncture has been used by Chinese from 2500 years in medication needs. It is based in the fact that there are certain patterns of energy flow within our body and the disruption of which is responsible for diseases. This technique is used for treating many serious health problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome is one of them, and it is regarded the best home remedy for carpal tunnel .



Almost all the minor health issues arise form our bad lifestyle, and controlling them is the best natural home remedy for carpal tunnel. So, to kill this cause, make sure you keep a check on your weight and nutritional deficiencies.  This will make your internal repair system work quite well for you thereby reducing the needs of medication. Stay in shape. Give your body a healthy retreat by eating nutritiously. No matter how hard it is for you to find time for it, but do get adequate sleep and proper rest. Also, be sure to quit or avoid smoking, which inhibits circulation to all areas of the body, including the wrists and hands.


Watch those pressure points

Too often, typists rest their wrists on the sharp edge of a desk or table as they work, which can cause excess pressure on the wrists. Adjust your workstation, if necessary, to keep your wrists straight and off the edge, a very effortless technique and remedy for carpal tunnel.


Maintain healthy weight according to your height

Being fatty has many more side effects than just looking odd. Excess weight can compress the median nerve in the wrist, causing carpal tunnel syndrome. Exercise regularly if your body has a tendency to gain weight really fast and control the fatty foods you consume. If not exact, maintain your weight within the range of plus / minus 10 pounds at maximum than your ideal weight. This is the healthiest and most natural home remedy for carpal tunnel.


Take small breaks in between regular working hours

If you have a job that requires your fingers of hands to be on from 9 to 5, manage your working pain such that you keep mini breaks after every hour or so. It is necessary for your hands too. Other than taking breaks, you can also try to give relaxation to your hands by altering the position. Fatigue or tiredness in the joints or muscles is a warning sign to change your posture or pattern of movement. When your wrist, hand, or fingers feel fatigued or achy, take a break. Shake out your hands, and if possible, get up and walk around or at least stretch out your arms and adjust your position. It is the best healthy home remedy for carpal tunnel. Your work will surely not suffer if you take a 2 minute break after every hour.


Rotate jobs

The key is to avoid doing the same task for a longer time continuously. Either you can avoid by taking breaks in between, or you can alternate between jobs that involve different parts of our body.  If your job doesn’t allow rotation, talk with your supervisor or union about a change. Rotation of work load not only reduces job stress and minimizes production losses, but also increases productivity, so it can benefit both employer and employee, making it a really productive home remedy for carpal tunnel.


Watch your wrist position while working

As you work, keep your body and your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position: straight, not bent or hunched over. Check the height of your computer screen. Rearrange the level of your keyboard or workstation so that you don’t have to strain, reach, or bend your wrists; it should be at elbow height or just slightly below. Your wrists should always be in a straight line with your forearms. And be sure you are not too close to or far away from your work. This is the best natural home remedy for carpal tunnel.


Grip it right

All of us have a tendency to hold objects with thumb and index finger alone. It not only puts all the stress on these two only but also can increase pressure on the wrist and cause irritation of the corresponding tendons. If you have to catch hold of some object or rotate a particular joint such as the lid of a jar, use your palm or your whole hand. It will distribute the load among all the five fingers and the palm, and it will be the best natural home remedy for carpal tunnel too.


Sleep carefully


Carpal tunnel syndrome has a surprising time at which the symptoms come and then vanish on its own. The problems often come on at night and could be of the intensity that may wake you up. Some doctors believe this is because the fluid in the body is redistributed when you lie down, so more of it accumulates in the wrist. One major factor that leads to this cause can be your sleeping posture. You might be sleeping with excess of pressure on your wrist or arm leading to compression of the median nerve. Make sure you keep your hands free from any pressure while sleeping. Avoid taking it under the pillow, and let it lie flat on the mattress. This is the best precaution and home remedy for carpal tunnel.


Share load between the two hands

Do not forget that god has given you two hands to complete your work, then why give all the stress to only one of them. This is unfair, isn’t it? You should give your dominant hand a break whenever possible. If you cannot manage to do all the work with the other hand, then try to find out what you can do comfortably. Find out some tasks you can assign to the other hand as well. This how you apply home remedies for carpal tunnel, effectively.

Act before its too late. All the above discussed natural home remedies for carpal tunnel are very easy to practice and totally side effect free. After using these you will definitely feel the difference and your journey of fighting carpal tunnel syndrome will become much easier.