Bursitis Home Remedies

The sacs between the joints of shoulder, elbow, or knee appear to be swollen in bursitis. Although these were the common area which the disease affects, practically it can make victim any one of the 150 bursae present in the human body. Bursa is actually intended to reduce the friction between two bones of a joint. Inflammation in these bursae results in pain and stiffness near the joints, which increases with movement and pressure. If not taken into account early, the symptoms may get worse over time introducing redness around the joint affected.

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The pain is sometimes acute and unbearable. The typical treatment for bursitis is to let the joint rest and not to apply any more pressure on that. Giving the fluid filled sac some time to heal up is the best way to deal with bursitis. But apart from this, there are other ways too. One can go for traditional medication options if he wishes to do so, but the problem can be well addressed with some very simple and easy home remedies for bursitis.

Home Remedies For Bursitis

Cut your calcium deposits

If by bad luck you have got the problem, you should include some special foods in your diet to prevent calcium deposits around your joints. The most common reason behind bursitis is calcium deposits and the best way you can cut these is by modification in your diet, the easiest home remedy for bursitis . These calcium deposits can be slowly, but naturally, removed by altering your body’s pH level to become more acidic. Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink this mixture daily to get the calcium deposits clear gradually. You can also temporarily increase the intake of foods that increases the acidic level in your body. All types of meats be it beef, chicken, or fish can solve the purpose. If you are vegetarian then you can eat rice, cornmeal, wheat, pastas to uplift the acid levels.


Ice pack


For all the patients who have had it for the first time, ice is a real pain reliever. Giving a cold compress to bruises makes them disappear faster and also reduces inflammation. The easiest way to apply this home remedy for bursitis is by taking some ice cubes and wrapping them in a cloth, as applying ice directly on skin is not a good idea. Rub that cloth gently on the affected joint for a few minutes, and your will surely get relief from pain and swelling. You can do the same twice in a day till you find the bursitis symptoms disappearing.

Castor oil pack

Castor oil pack is used to treat any health ailments including constipation and other severe issues. Bursitis also can be dealt with castor oil pack. One of the most economical and efficient methods, as well as natural and effective home remedy for bursitis, it works because of delivering the healing components of castor oil directly into body tissues by a castor oil pack. Place the heating pad on a flat surface, turn the setting to high, and lay the plastic garbage bag on top of the pad. Next, soak the flannel pieces with castor oil and lay them on top of the bag and pad. Then place the entire pack against your skin, with the oil-soaked flannel directly on the area where you feel pain. To help hold the pack in place and to keep oil from getting on surrounding surfaces, the body can be wrapped in a large bath towel.

Hot and cold treatment

If you have had the painful episode in past as well, rather than going for the ice only treatment, you can choose the more effective method, and that is a combination of chilling ice and moist heat, another home remedy for bursitis. Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth. Put them on the affected joint and keep the cold cloth wrap there for almost 15 minutes. If you find it difficult to do it continuously, you can remove it for a few seconds and again keep it there. After 15 minute give it moist steam for about the same time continuously. This therapy consisting of alternative hot and cold treatment can be repeated twice daily till you find relief.



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Turmeric has a component named curcumin that is said to reduce bursitis pain. It has got excellent anti-inflammatory properties also that enhance the healing process inside the body acting as a home remedy for bursitis . Whether it is a minor skin ailment or a major issue like bursitis, turmeric has its name in all these since ages. It is one of the most preferred products used by humans for healing purposes since ancient times. Although drinking it raw with milk may not be a much tasty choice, but adding it to various dishes is surely not a bad idea. You can even apply the turmeric paste on the joint which is paining.


This is the universal suggestion you will get from every one with whom you discuss your problem. The moment you encounter some type of swelling around your joint, first make sure what it exactly is. After that the first thing that you should do is to take proper and strict rest. Whether the bursa affected is near your hip, or the shoulder joint, or somewhere else, just do not try to put any type of pressure on it. Every small movement of the joint you make will add to the irritation and pain. You can use an arm sling in case of shoulder bursitis, and take bed rest if it is your hip joint.  As soon as a bursa becomes inflamed, you must rest that part of your body. For an effective home remedy for bursitis, just make sure you keep the affected joint absolutely still.

Do not think that working on it will give you some relief, as it is the common belief with many bone related problems. Bursitis is one of those joint ailments in which movement will exponential increase the problem. You must be thinking why am I putting so much stress on having rest? Because I have seen many people with swelling in the shoulder joint, slinging their hand and rotating it every now and then, with a notion that it will lead to faster healing. You don’t repeat the same as it is crystal clear that if you have bursitis, rest is mandatory.

Although the symptoms may disappear on their own if we have proper rest within a few weeks, but they may visit the same joint again any time. Reoccurrences are not uncommon in bursitis; hence you should choose the way you want to treat your problem. These natural  home remedies for bursitis  will give instant and long lasting relief in the pain bursitis patient experience, and also decreases the frequency with which the disease hits you back once again.