Bird Flu Home Remedies

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If we look at the statistics, till 2009 there were 40,000 cases of bird flu reported in the United States.  It can affect anyone regardless of the age, gender, race or country. This flu is named as bird flu because generally the organism causing this condition is found in birds and pigs.The rate at which it is spreading between the populations, it is high time we should know a few facts about it and also have taste of how to handle the situation if it occurs to us. Here are some of the natural remedies for bird flu, that can help you prevent the infection from catching you, and also will make you get rid if you already are a sufferer.

Natural Remedies For Bird Flu

Stay hydrated

You should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated in order to fight against infections like bird flu. Drink at least 3 liters of water everyday and take fruits that have high water content. This is the simplest possible natural remedy for bird flu, isn’t it?


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Echinacea is used for curing all types of flu including natural remedy for bird flu. It purifies blood and enhances the immunity of our body towards every type of infection. It strengthens our internal system and makes us able to give it a tough fight. You can have Echinacea in any form you like to, but to have maximum benefit, have it in extract form.

Forsythia and Honeysuckle

Forsythia and honeysuckle are two frequently used herbs used in Chinese medicine. Mixing these two herbs with lemon balm and making a tea to have soothing effect to combat symptoms of flu has a good effect as all the three of them possess strong antiviral properties. Quiet an effective traditional eastern natural remedy for bird flu.

Olive leaf extract

Olive is a herb whose oil is used to deal with many health ailments, and its also an excellent natural remedy for bird flu. The liquid extracted from the leaves of olive oil can be used to treat bird flu as it has both antibacterial and anti-viral properties. This extract is a strong immune system enhancer, supporting the blood and lymphatic systems to fight bird flu.


Astragalus has been used in China for centuries to boost immunity and strengthen the body by increasing resistance to infections like bird flu. It supports the bone marrow by increasing the production of interferon and building disease-fighting blood cells enabling an individual to resist and fight the bird flu virus. East wins again with its natural remedies for bird flu.

Blue green dragon

I know the name is not so suited for a cure of any disease, but it has a lot of potential to heal your body, and more essentially, natural remedies for bird flu. Blue green dragon is a combination of eight natural herbs made to fight with diseases like flu and also acts as immunity booster. It is highly effective in bird flu and has been used since ages in China. Having this along with other herbs can have great benefit for fighting the symptoms of bird flu.


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Garlic has more than a few health benefits. It is kind of a natural medicine with outstanding ability to protect against and fight the flu, acting as a very effective natural remedy for bird flu. It is generally used by almost all herbalists and even medical doctors to prescribe to patients suffering from digestive disorders, and has been used for centuries for its anti-viral and antibiotic properties. You can eat garlic after crushing and even include it in tea.

Get some steam

Bird flu is often accompanied by symptoms like cold followed by nasal congestion. To open up the blocked nose steam inhalation is the best way. It eases up nasal congestion effectively that is caused by a bird flu infection in your body. All you need to do is add boiling water to a bowl and bow down facing the steam coming out of water. Inhale the steam for about five to ten minutes in the similar manner. Also cover your head with a towel to increase the effectiveness. Not only does it relieves you of the symptoms of bird flu, but also it is a natural remedy for bird flu.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil has incredible germ-killing properties that can be compared to any antibiotic. Therefore it is considered as the best natural remedy for bird flu. You can consume oregano oil with milk or water.

Green tea

If you ask me to describe green tea benefits in short, I would only say that it is the healthiest beverage on the planet. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients green tea not only prevents diseases but also improves brain function and make you smarter. Green tea also has the power to protect against various types of cancer. Its health advantages do not end over here; it has effects on reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes by 42%, cardiovascular diseases by 31%, and also has a fair share in increasing our life span. We can say green is what you need to live a long, healthy life with sharper brain. In addition to all this, bird flu virus requires an enzyme called neuraminidase in order to reproduce, and green tea helps to prevent its release, thus acting as an effective natural remedy for bird flu.

Take in vitamin C

All you need to do is boost your immunity in order to avoid the viral infection call bird flu. And to do that you need a lot of vitamin C, a proven natural remedy for bird flu. You can get vitamin C by having citrus fruits like orange, grapes or lemons. What can be better than having a refreshing taste and giving your body strength at the same time?

Maintain hygiene


Hygiene is very important in determining your overall health and the chances of your body catching infections like bird flu. A healthy level of personal hygiene is necessary for natural remedies for bird flu. In order to stay away from this kind of viral infections, keep yourself clean, and also look at your surroundings carefully. Wash your hands well with soap every time you eat something.

Modify your diet

Your diet also is a determining factor that leads to infections. Wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them. Eat more and more citrus fruits, salad, onions, cucumber etc. A healthy diet and nutrition is a natural remedy for bird flu. Avoid food that may have chances of containing virus.



Turmeric has the best antibiotic and healing properties, be it a fight with cancer or tackling immunity related problems, turmeric is a must have tool.  The compound curcumin, from turmeric, is anti-inflammatory and relieves fever while reducing some of the fatal effects of the bird flu, hence proven, extremely effective natural remedy for bird flu. If you have any external problem like skin infection, you can apply paste of turmeric and apply bandage. In case of some internal problem, you can drink turmeric mixed in a glass of milk two times everyday. This will help you body heal faster in flu and will also build up immunity so that you will not catch the virus easily once again.

With all these natural remedies for bird flu, you can give the virus causing bird flu a tough fight. Prevention is always better than cure, and hence we have given some ways to enhance your immunity and make it impossible for the virus to affect your body. But if by bad luck you become a victim, it is in your hands to manage the condition and get your health back. And these natural remedies for bird flu will also help in doing so.