Bedwetting Home Remedies

Although it is very common for children between the age group of 4-10 years, wetting the bed is surely very embarrassing issue among kids. We know that more than 5 million children are found to be going through this, but there are many who don’t have this problem. Almost all the children will eventually outgrow the difficult phase, but here are a few home remedies that will get your child out of this irritating and embarrassing problem. With all these you can ensure you child have perfectly dry nights.


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Natural Remedies For Bedwetting


Indian Gooseberry

Commonly known as amla, Indian gooseberry is an excellent herb with more health benefits than we can describe in a short article. Apart from giving your child a good health and a sharp brain, it helps him in getting rid of embarrassing problem of bet wetting. It is the surest and most effective natural remedy for bedwetting.  You can make your child eat raw amla if they can, or get a bottle of its juice which comes packed in market. Mix that juice with a cup of warm water and give it to your child two times in a day.


Olive Oil

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Giving a relaxing massage on the abdomen of your child will definitely decrease the probability of wetting the bed at night. Olive oil is yet another promising alternative for all those children who suffer from this problem, and the more natural remedy for bedwetting too. Rub lukewarm olive oil gently on the lower abdomen of your child before he goes to bed. The heating effect will restrain the urination by your child in bed, during the night.


Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are commonly taken to regulate the digestion and address the issue of gas. But these can also be used to deal with the problem of bed wetting too and are considered a very effective natural remedy for bedwetting. With a glass of warm milk at night, mix some fennel seeds and sugar to improve the taste. Give this to your child every night before he / she is about to sleep. This will surely show its effect soon and is safe for your child too.



Banana is a fruit which has many health advantages which all of us know. But most of us are unaware of the fact that eating 2 bananas daily treats the child who cannot help themselves in the problem of bet wetting, hence is a more delicious natural remedy for bedwetting.


Minor exercises involving bladder

You might have heard about this before also. Bladder exercise involves working out on the muscles of urinary bladder. It helps in building a control on the release of urine from the bladder and also makes it efficient to accommodate more urine. Muscle-strengthening and bladder-stretching exercises are considered good for bladder control. These natural remedies for bedwetting include having your child do a muscle-strengthening exercise involving tightening of the pelvic muscles, holding the position for 5 to 10 seconds, and then resting for five seconds. This exercise has to be repeated 10 times, thrice daily. It is good to let your child learn to hold urine till he/ she reaches to the toilet, but always make sure he does not do it for a long time as keeping in inside for too long is a reason for many chronic diseases.


Mustard seeds


One good natural remedy for bedwetting is mustard seeds. Mustard seeds can be of great help to those suffering from urinary tract infections. Stir one-half teaspoon of dry mustard seed powder in a cup of warm milk. Give this drink to your child at night one hour before going to bed and you will surely get to see the bed completely dry the next morning.



Just like olive oil massage, jaggery also has a heating effect on the child’s body. Eating it keeps the body warm internally, and therefore the problem of bed wetting is solved on its own. A more sweeter alternative as a natural remedy for bedwetting, it has to be taken daily. Every morning after breakfast, give your child a small piece of jaggery to eat, and at night give the same with a cup of hot milk. You have to practice it for about two months to see the effects.



Cinnamon is one of the simplest natural remedy for bedwetting for your child. It is believed that this spice keeps the body warm. Have your child chew a piece of cinnamon stick thoroughly once a day. You can also combine sugar and cinnamon powder and then sprinkle it on buttered toast. Give this toast to your child for breakfast.


Apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is not only a natural remedy for bedwetting, but also is a solution to many problems. It helps in balancing the body’s pH by managing its acidic levels. This may have a fare share in causing the bed wetting problem. It also improves digestion and regulates the bowel movements. All you need to do is mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water. Add little honey to improve the taste and benefits.



Apart from changes in eating and drinking patterns, massage is an external way of natural remedy for bedwetting. Give your child a soothing and relaxing massage with mustard oil, or coconut oil. You can even use olive oil for the purpose. Simply heat the oil you have at home and give a massage in circular motion on the lower abdomen.


Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is good for the bladder and urinary tract. Cranberry juice is mostly recommended for those children who have bet wetting issues. As a natural remedy for bedwetting, it is always advised not to give any type of liquid to your child before he goes to bed, but there is no harm in giving him a cup of cranberry juice an hour or two before he/ she sleeps. Repeat the remedy for a few weeks to see the desired results.


Walnuts and Raisins

Walnuts and raisins are dry fruits rich in health benefits. They are energy providers and immunity enhancers and also great natural remedies for bedwetting. In addition to all these benefits, walnuts and raisins can also be used to reduce the frequency of bedwetting. The best thing about these is that most of the children will not run away and would like their taste. Give your child two walnuts and five raisins before going to bed.

Other than all these natural remedy for bedwetting, you should monitor the amount of liquid your child is consuming. Let him have anything in the morning and afternoon, but stop giving any kind of liquid, at least an hour before he goes to sleep. Foods such as chocolate and beverages such as colas and tea may contain caffeine which might trigger bedwetting in kids. Make sure he/ she has minimal amount of caffeine. Make it his habit to use the toilet just before going to bed and encourage him to do the same at night as well. With all these precautions and natural remedies for bedwetting, you will soon get rid of the bed wetting problem.