Bed Sores Home Remedies

It is very unfortunate to see someone on bed due to some reason. But to add on the sufferings, bed sores come to bother the patient even more. Due to the inability to move, ulcers develop on skin, that we call bed sores. Though bedsores are common among elderly or senior persons, it can also affect people who are in bedridden condition, or in coma or are immobile due any other reason. Staying in a particular position for a long time affects the skin and blood supply to that area too. Bed sores occur if there is excess of pressure on one part of your body.


If someone is on bed, he/ she might be already taking a bunch of pills ever time. in this case taking medicine for one more problem is something you also wont like more, especially when you can heal the disease with the help of some simple yet effective home remedies for bed sores. Have a look at all the remedial actions you should take to help the patients suffering from bed sores.

Home Remedies For Bed Sores

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be safely used for treating anything wrong occurring on the skin. It has power to heal almost every type of skin ailment and bed sores are one of them. Aloe can be effective in preventing any type of infection that can occur with bed sores and make the patients condition even worse. Due to its healing and soothing properties, it can also promote healing. It is the best natural home remedy for bed sores. It reduces the dryness of the affected area and hence reduces itching as well. You can apply the aloe gel that comes packed in a tube and for a much better effect if you can manage to get an aloe leaf. Cut open the aloe vera leaf and extract the gel. Apply that gel gently on the bed sores and let it be there and do its works for a few minutes.

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids. It will keep the skin away from damage caused by constant pressure, emerging as one of the best effective home remedies for bed sores. Not only this, it will also improves blood circulation and reduces the chances of sores being developed. You can massage your bed sores and the nearby area with coconut oil two- three times in a day. It will also provide the moisture required by the skin.


Zinc makes the wound heal faster by boosting the immune system. It is necessary for everybody, but especially for those who are literally on bed to have a strong immunity to fight bed sores and any other infections. Zinc is the fundamental of home remedies for bed sores. You should take at least 15 mg of zinc everyday in any form possible.


Another home remedies for bed sores popular in alternative medicine is comfrey. Both the root and leaves of comfrey are rich in medicinal properties that can help in regeneration of the tissues. It can also reduce pain and inflammation. Mix equal amounts of powdered comfrey leaves and slippery elm. Add a little water to make a paste. Apply it on the sores and cover it with a bandage. Leave it on overnight. The next morning, clean the wound with saline water.



Honey is a perfect home remedies for bed sores to treat mild bed sores. It has natural antiseptic properties and also soothes the skin experiencing pain and stiffness. Application of honey on the affected area can accelerate healing and helps you getting relief from pain and redness caused due to bed sores. To some extent, it can also reduce the chances of infection. Add turmeric powder to honey and make a thick paste, enough to be applied on the entire area affected by bed sores. Follow this by bandaging it and repeat the same practice twice daily. You will soon start feeling better.


In alternative medicine, the herb goldenseal is often recommended for treating bed sores. It provides a soothing effect on the sores and also helps reduce pain and inflammation. One of the best home remedies for bed sores, plus, its antiseptic properties help prevent infection. Prepare a cup of herbal tea by steeping 1 teaspoon of goldenseal powder in 1 cup of hot water. Strain and allow it to cool. Use the tea to clean the wound 2 times daily. This will help dry up the bed sores quickly. Alternatively, prepare a mixture with 1 teaspoon goldenseal powder and the oil of a few vitamin E capsules. Apply it to the affected area 3 times a day.

Try to change your positions frequently

Lying down in the same position for too long is not advisable for patients. They should change the position of their body every now and then. This is the best natural home remedy for bed sores. This will reduce the stress and pressure on the skin that can lead to sores and also irritate existing sores. It reduces the possibilities of developing new sores. In case the patient can move the upper body with enough upper body strength, they should reposition themselves every few hours. Even if you are on wheelchair, try to move your body parts as much as you can comfortably. If you cannot do it on your own, take help from someone else.

Salted water

If you have already developed bed sores, you need to heal them fast and at the same time should ensure that they are infection free and clean. To manage this entire thing one can make use of saline water to wash the area. Bed sores that are not cleaned properly are more prone to infection and inflammation. Natural home remedies for bed sores suggests that salted water reduces excess fluid and sheds off the loose dead skin. Make the solution saline by adding a few tablespoons of salt in a glass of boiling water. Clean the area affect by bed sores after the solution cools down, the cover it with a bandage once it is dry. You can repeat this 2-3 times in a day.


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Turmeric has more medicinal properties than we can describe. Be it preventing cancer or fighting with skin allergies, turmeric has its own stake. In treating home remedies for bed sores as well, turmeric can accelerates the healing process of bed sores. Turmeric also has unique anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties that prepare your body to fight with any type of infection. You can apply the solution of turmeric on the wounds and bed sores, or you can help your internal immunity to increase by drinking turmeric milk. After cleaning the area with saline water, cover the area with dry turmeric before applying bandage. Adding it to milk is also easy, boil a glass of milk and add half tablespoon of turmeric to it. Drink it two times daily, and get rid of bed sores soon.

With these home remedies for bed sores, you can not only heal the existing bed sores, but also prevent new ones from occurring and causing pain to the already suffering patients. With only your effort, patience and dedication, the home remedies for bed sores can be implemented correctly.