Ascites Home Remedies

In Ascites some kind of fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity. Also known as dropsy, or abdominal dropsy, Ascites occurs most often in people with liver problems, but certain types of cancers, peritoneum infection and trauma can also cause this condition in people. As a result of Ascites your stomach swells and you start feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Swelling in legs and difficulty in breathing are also followed by this. Uneven breathing may also lead to rapid heart palpitations sometimes. Rapid weight gain, swollen ankles, portal hypertension, reduced appetite and lethargy are some other symptoms an Ascites patient experience.




It normally occurs due to inappropriate operation of the liver. Liver disease like cirrhosis is primarily accountable for Ascites. Ascites, if left untreated for long can lead to several organ failures. It is hence advised to get the problem treated with very small and simple home remedies before it becomes unmanageable. Here is a list of all the ascites home remedies you can do at home to treat Ascites. These are very beneficial and are easy to incorporate in our daily life.


Ascites Home Remedies


Radish is known to be very good for liver and the reason behind this disease is nothing but improper functioning of liver. So, using radish as ascites home remedies proves to be much more effective as it kills the disease by straight away killing the main cause. Have a glass of radish juice or eat a few in raw from if you are suffering from Ascites.


Coconut water

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Coconut water is beneficial for stomach in more than a few ways. It is used as a very effective ascites home remedy as it cleanses the body by removing toxic substances, and offers relief in cramps and flatulence caused by Ascites. Have coconut water that comes packed or if you can manage take a coconut everyday and drink its water.



Raw onion is another ascites home remedy, said to maintain the salt and water content of our body. If eaten continuously for a couple of days, onions can offer relief from the symptoms associated with Ascites. You can include an onion as salad in lunch.


Juniper haircap moss

Also called polytrichum juniperum, Juniper Haircap moss is considered to be an effective ascites home remedy, as it is mostly used by Ascites patients for relieving their sufferings.  Soak two to three tablespoon of dried juniper haircap moss I half cup of water and drink that water after straining. It gives instant relief from the stress and twinge feeling in the stomach.



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Rhubarb is a small flower grouped with large composite leaves and has immense health benefits hidden in it, apart from being a potent ascites home remedy. It is effective in relieving abdominal swelling. You can drink the tea made of the flowers of rhubarb everyday to relive the symptoms.


Black nightshade

Black nightshade is considered to be the best ascites home remedy as it is a water releasing agent. Black nightshade is an ayurvedic herb, which serves to be an important ingredient for the treatment of Ascites. It helps in removing the unwanted fluid from the body.



To reduce bloating and tenderness in Ascites, you can have half tablespoon of garlic juice before eating anything else in the morning, a fairly recommended natural ascites home remedy. You can also eat 4-5 garlic cloves daily instead of taking out the juice.



Hogweed is considered to be diuretic in nature and is capable of removing excess water from the body, acting as an ascites home remedy. Hence to get rid of the fluid accumulated in the abdomen you can use hogweed.


Camel milk

Camel milk is known to provide hydration as you need to minimize the water intake in case of Ascites home remedies. At the same time it also provides the essential nutrients. More than that, it also heals liver disorders.



You should eat melon daily as a significant portion of your diet to stay healthy and fight Ascites. It also helps in digestion and restoring the fluid balance, as well as other parts of homeostasis.Watermelon is a more frequently used natural ascites home remedy.


Bitter gourd

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Bitter gourd is an effective home remedies for Ascites, that helps to address the complications of this condition and provides quick recovery. It controls diabetes, prevents heart problems, reduces cholesterol levels and fatigue, as well as helps restore your lost appetite. To take juice of bitter gourd, peel the skin of three bitter gourds, take out the seeds and then extract their juice. Add equal quantity of water to this juice in order to improve the taste a bit and have it thrice a day to get its best benefits.


Fenugreek seeds

If we talk about any stomach related problem, fenugreek seeds are surely the best ascites home remedy. Soaking a handful of these seeds in water overnight and then drinking the water is very beneficial for any stomach related issue.


Gravel root

Dandelion root or gravel root can improve the functioning of the kidneys as they work as natural diuretics and natural ascites home remedy. Prepare an herbal tea using dandelion root and have it twice a day to get rid of the fluids that have accumulated in your abdominal cavity due to Ascites. Similarly, you can use herbs such as buckthorn, rhubarb root, and aloe vera for the same purpose.



It is commonly found in Indian kitchen. Asafoetida is considered to be an excellent ascites home remedies because of its gas relieving properties and taken with warm water it reduces tenderness of the stomach and relieves you from pain. Also avoid eating too much starch like rice and wheat. Salt is also very harmful for patients suffering from Ascites.


Abdomen massage

Massage on the abdomen, and on the back done in a professional manner helps you in getting rid of gas and unease caused by flatulence. Use olive oil or castor oil to massage the body, a really effective alternative for ascites home remedies, and do it quite often to get relief from the stomach tenderness.



There can surely be no other way tastier than mangoes to get relief in Ascites discomfort. Eat a mango or its juice daily, as a prominent ascites home remedies, and you will love the taste and your stomach will love the effect of easing.


Fresh juices

Be it carrot or bitter gourd, and even buttermilk can reduce the swelling on the abdomen that occurs due to Ascites. Having a glass of fresh juice will also reduce the pain and act as a really effective ascites home remedies. You can even have cucumber juice daily to get relief.


Reduced salt intake

Taking food with high salt content leads to liquid accretion. The first thing advised to any Ascites patient is to reduce the salt intake from there daily diet as much as they can and see the effects of natural ascites home remedies.


Horse gram

Making a soup by boiling horse grams in a glass of water for a few minutes proves to be beneficial for Ascites patients if taken regularly and very effective for ascites home remedies.


Ascites is not a major health ailment initially, but if left untreated for a long time, it may cause serious issues and even become life threatening. With the help of these home remedies for ascites, you can get a control on the initially occurring symptoms and also you can be sure that the disease will not propagate.