Amoebiasis Home Remedies

Amoebiasis is one of the most prevalent diseases of the world, particularly afflicting populations of developing nations. They are caused by protozoans called as Entamoeba Histolytica.

Amoebiasis is characterised by the parasites entering the blood images (8)stream through lesi
on in the intestines created by the pathogen itself, which can lead to severe infection of the liver. They can also be transmitted intothe intestinal tract through infected food or water that contain the amoeba’s cysts. The cysts, when exposed by intestinal secretions, leads to the next stage in their lifecycle called trophozoites, which consume the food and other bacteria that line the digestive tract. The amoeba is generally transmitted through human stool and faeces and hence, amoebiasis is prevalent in places of high population density and in crowded localities.


Home Remedies For Amoebiasis

 Bael / Bilva

The bael or bilva fruit contains acidic substances that have an antimicrobial action. It is considered to be the best effective home remedies for amoebiasis. This acidic content is more in the unripe bael fruits and therefore, these give a better action than the ripe fruits. Take an unripe baelfruit, roast it over an open fire. Separate out the fruit pulp, add in a little sugar or honey to make it palatable and eat this two times every day. You may need to do this successively for a week or two for the symptoms to completely disappear. If you find it cumbersome to do all this, you could try taking one of the ayurvedic bael-containing products that are commercially available. But commercially produced bael products cannot be considered to be natural remedies for amoebiasis.




The bark and roots of the kutja plant (called Kurchi) have been praised in Ayurveda for their action in dysentery and diarrhoea. It is also one of the best supplements for home remedies for amoebiasis. This remedy also helps to reduce the bleeding associated with amoebiasis. Preparing the remedy at home can be quite cumbersome and it is best to take the kutja tablets that are commercially available.



Neem or margosa leaves have an antibiotic activity and this proves effective against the amoebiasis parasite. It is by far the best home remedy for amoebiasis. Make a powder out of dried neem leaves, add in an equal quantity of turmeric powder and make a paste with mustard oil. Apply this paste over the stomach region to help reduce the intestinal inflammation and painful cramps. Read more about the health benefits of neem. It can also be taken by boiling neem leaves in water and then having that water. The taste maybe pathetically bitter, but it is one of the best remedies for amoebiasis.



Apricots are not just a rich source of vitamin A and C, they also contain a lot of fiber which is why consumption of these seeds is recommended in patients with constipation. However the leaves of apricot have the opposite effect – they serve to bind the stools and this reduces the severity of the diarrhea that accompanies amoebiasis. Very effective in partially curbing amoebiasis, apricot leaves are considered one of the main ingredients for home remedies for amoebiasis. Wash a few leaves of apricot and extract the juice; dilute with a little water and drink.


Black Tea

Drink a little black tea without sugar every day; this will help in clearing out the parasites from the intestine. Black tea is considered to be a boon for home remedies for amoebiasis. It also helps to get rid of the toxic waste generated by the parasites within the intestine. (Read more about the health benefits of drinking tea)


Drumstick Juice

Drumsticks are valued for the high nutritive value and rich store of vitamins and minerals; the leaves of this plant contain an enzyme that can destroy the Entamoeba parasite and so, they have been used to deal with amoebiasis.  They are considered to be an effective home remedy for amoebiasis. Take about 450 grams of the leaves, extract the juice and mix in an equal amount of sesame seed oil. Heat this mixture to remove the water; cool and store and drink this juice for a few weeks.



The leaves of the guava tree are highly acidic and this effect helps to destroy the parasites as well as its eggs present in the intestine. An effective home remedy for amoebiasis, it really helps in controlling the parasite. Wash and dry a few leaves of the guava tree and grind to a fine powder; add this powder into 1 glass of water and drink. Repeat thrice a day for faster action. (Read more about the health benefits of guavas.


 Nutmeg with Buttermilk

Nutmeg seeds are an excellent source of essential oils and are known for their health benefits. It can also detoxify the liver and kidneys, which plays a particularly important role when it comes to home remedies for amoebiasis. Whenever there is an excess of strain on the liver due to accumulation of toxin, it would help to take in a tonic of nutmeg towards detoxification. One of the popular ways to consume it is to take some freshly ground nutmeg seeds and add them in a glass of buttermilk to have a delicious remedy for amoebiasis.




This is a household staple spice in Indian homes. This can also called a miracle spice given the fact that it has so many qualities beneficial to your well being. It acts as an anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent that is capable of eliminating parasites and harmful bacteria from the system, a very effective home remedy for amoebiasis. Being a powerful antioxidant, turmeric is capable of protecting body tissue from damage caused by free radicals in the body and boots the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in soothing the inner walls of the intestines and hence is considered one of the most effective home remedies against amoebiasis.


 Lemon Juice

The little citrus wonder can also be used as an effective home remedy for amoebiasis since it has a lot anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Its ideal to have lemon juice on an empty stomach to combat amoebiasis.



Garlic has an essential chemical compound in it called Allicin. This is used as an anti-bacterial agent and a really good home remedy for amoebiasis. Its effective to fight against bacterial infections in the intestines, preventing their regeneration and recurrence.  Garlic is also a store house of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients apart from its role as a powerful anti-oxidant.


Apart from being a delicious fruit, it has myriads of health benefits. It contains ample amounts of nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin C and also B complex groups such as folate and pantothetic acid, Vitamin E, minerals including magnesium and potassium and is rich source of fibre. Its well known for being beneficial for the health of the colon. Further, papaya extracts were also seen to have anti-bacterial effects on a range of bacteria and has also been known as being anti-parasitic, being particularly effective against Entemoeba Histolytica, the worms responsible for causing amoebiasis. Papaya is a natural wonder and really effective home remedy for amoebiasis.

Their most potent part of the papaya fruit when used as a powerful home remedy for amoebiasis is their seeds. The best way to use them would be to make a paste of papaya seeds and mix it with a glass of papaya juice and drink it for maximum effects.


Amoebiasis is a menace, but curbing it is easier than it appears. There are many home remedies for amoebiasis available in nature to curb and curtail this parasite. The most effective natural remedies have been listed in my article already. But there are numerous online claims too for home remedies for amoebiasis. Always be careful with the side effects of all such suspicious medical  or non prescription medications. Otherwise, you can easily follow and relax with my home remedies for amoebiasis and live a happy, parasite free life.