Amenorrhea Home Remedies

Amenorrhea is a serious condition seen in women of child bearing age. It is classified as a lack of menstrual cycle in reproductive women. Generally, a woman who has missed two menstrual cycles consecutively is said to be suffering from Amenorrhea.

Estrogen, the female hormone, is produced insufficiently in the body due to this condition which then leads to thickening of the mucus lining present in the uterus. It is this lining that is shed during menstruation.


There are two type of Amenorrhea. Primary and Secondary. A woman is said to be suffering from a primary amenorrhea if she fails to menstruate even after reaching the age of 16. Pubic maturity is complete generally within the age of 14-18.

In secondary Amenorrhea, a perfectly healthy menstruating woman stops menstruating all of a sudden. This is a very grave cause of concern since there can be many underlying reasons for this. In some cases, the woman may be pregnant, so its natural. Other serious issues would include sudden and rapid weight gain, severe depression, poor nutrition and stress. Then there also are certain oral contraceptive pills which change the hormonal balance of the body, thereby leading to irregular menstruation untill the body gets accustomed to the changes made by the drug. Treatment of thyroid can also lead to amenorrhea due to the side effects of thyroid medicines.


If there are more than 10 days delay in periods then the chances of pregnancy should be first ruled out by doing a pregnancy test. If the test comes out negative then there are some simple ways in which you can induce your periods. These ways are natural home remedies for Amenorrhea that have been used by women to bring their periods at a sooner date than normal for various reasons.

Some Effective Home Remedies For Amenorrhea

 Flex Seeds

Now let us prepare one of the first natural remedies for amenorrhea. Prepare a concoction of 120ml water, 30 grams jaggery, 30 grams of white butter (unsalted) and a 1 ½ tablespoons of flex seeds. Now pour the water in a pan and place it over a medium flame. Allow the water to come to boiling point. Add some Flex seeds in the boiling water and let them boil for up to 10 minutes.


Now add butter and jaggery to the infusion of flex seeds. Remove from flame and allow it to come down to room temperature. Drink this concoction in empty stomach. This concoction is one of the most effective home remedies for amenorrhea. The concoction should be had every day for a period of seven days. The right time to do this treatment is one week before the first date of your periods.



Saffron has anti-oxidant properties and is therefore helpful in treating loss of periods in women. Saffron flushes out the toxins from the body and helps sleep well at night, acting as a pretty good member for home remedies for amenorrhea. Getting proper sleep at night brings down the anxiety levels.

Add a few strands of saffron in a cup of water. Boil the water-saffron mixture over medium flame. Once the quantity of water reduces remove from flame and allow to cool. Drink one cup of this water every day for an entire week. Ideally, this treatment should be done one week before you commence your periods. Saffron is considered to be one of the most potent members of home remedies for amenorrhea.


Honey And Cinnamon

Obesity is one of the most important causes of Amenorrhea, so reducing it will help in ameliorating the condition.  Home remedies for amenorrhea suggests to drink a mixture of half a teaspoon each of honey and cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water regularly to reduce weight. This will in turn help with Amenorrhea. Honey and cinnamon are one of the best effective home remedies for amenorrhea.


Heat Treatment

Sometimes it helps to use a warm bag or warm towel drenched in hot water and keep to pressurized against the abdomen region to help with the natural home remedies for amenorrhea treatment. This will provide the much needed warmth to it and increase the blood flow to the ovaries. This works wonders for treating home remedies for amenorrhea even though it may sound rudimentary in nature.


Tomato Juice

Tomato juice works well for people with anemia and since anemia can lead to amenorrhea, its a good remedy. Tomato juice is a well tested member of home remedies for amenorrhea. Plus there is the added advantage that it has low carbohydrate content which in turn can help in maintaining weight.


Beetroot Juice


The common beetroot has more health benefits than what would seem at first glance. It is counted in the most beneficial member for home remedies for amenorrhea. It has minerals such as magnesium , phosphorous, potassium, calcium and sodium, amino acids that are essential to build proteins necessary for the body, a whole lot of vitamin such as Vitamin A, B12, B2, B3, C and Folic acid, and it packed with antioxidants.

The iron content of beetroot comes in handy in handling any kind of problem related to blood and heamoglobin, effective in conditions such as anaemia. A regular serving of beetroot juice or daily consumption of beetroot in its raw form as salads would go a long way in serving as home remedies for amenorrhea.



The yellow little fruit is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals and hence pitches in as a home remedy for amenorrhea as well. Banana has long been known for its effectiveness in menstrual cramps and bloating aasociated with menstruation. Regular consumption of banana with cereals or with low fat yogurt can help in treating amenorrhea, on more natural home remedy for amenorrhea.



It already has a host of health benefits and is used in other medications as well. Its also a well known uterine stimulant to help in menstrual flow. But did you know, it is by far the best agent for home remedies for amenorrhea. It can be also beadded in food to add color or flavour and can be used effectively as natural remedies for amenorrhea.



Chamomile is known to promote menstrual flow and termed as one of the good home remedies for amenorrhea. Its scientific name is “matricaria recutita” derived frmo the Latin name of the word ‘Matrix’, referring to the uterus. Further, it is also a sedative which comes handy to soothe the nerves and in stress management, factors that could cause amenorrhea in the first place. Its also know to prevent menstrual cramps and act as a good home remedy for amenorrhea.



The home remedy for amenorrhea that works with rosemary is made up of an infusion of rosemary, one tablespoon of plant tops in boiled water to form a tea, which could be had thrice a day. Rosemary is also found to be effective against anaemia, one of the possible causes of amenorrhea, which makes the herb effective in the case of amenorrhea on two counts.


Now we can easily conclude there are many natural remedies for amenorrhea. But the most effective ones have to be searched a little in herbal medical stores. The best home remedies for amenorrhea are very easy to implement. The most important factor in this disease is patience and discipline. There are many more home remedies for amenorrhea available online, but care must be taken to thoroughly check the facts and not end up with some serious side effects, while implementing home remedies for amenorrhea.